MO Station Building 

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Meet The Owners

The M&O Station Grill is a great family diner that is owned and operated by Chef Danny and his wife Rose Badillo. M&O Station Grill opened its doors in November, 2008, as a BURGER Diner, with a comfy home feel, and a nostalgic, retro atmosphere.

Chef Danny has over 38 years of food industry experience, ranging from prestigious local Country Clubs, Private Clubs, and Catering to local, well-known, socialites in Fort Worth.


MO Station Grill Award 3Their Dreams Became Reality!

The Badillo's always dreamed of having their own catering business and in 1998, their dreams became reality, and they started their own catering business.

As their catering business grew more and more successful, they decided to open a Breakfast and Lunch Diner, on West 7th Street, in Fort Worth, Texas. It just made sense to name the Diner...7th Street Station Grill.

MO Station Grill Culinary Magazine awardTime flew by so quickly, and before they knew it, the lease on their West 7th Street location was ending, and it was time to relocate the Diner.

Their Lucky Star Was Shining On Them!

Where should they relocate their Diner...they were not sure. This is when their wonderful friend, Marty Leonard , invited the Badillo's to open up next door to the famous, "Leonard's Department Store Museum."

This was an invitation that they could not turn down, and in 2008, M&O Station Grill was born and it continues today, where they specialize in what they do best....Gourmet Burgers and Comfort Food!

When you visit M&O Station Grill, not only will you experience wonderful food, but you will take a step back to a more simpler time, and you will enjoy the nostalgia and history of Fort Worth.

This is a UNIQUE PLACE where you will want to invite your friends and family to join with you. 

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